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Savayava means organic in Sanskrit. Savayava is a private non for profit foundation.
Honeybee flying towards a clump of flowers on a plum tree

Our core belief attitude and practices lie within the recognition and inherent value of earth as a conscious living entity that supports all life. We value the inherent worth of all living beings and systems with the insight and understanding that earth and all life must be valued and regarded highly within human culture, above the current model of capitalizing and utilizing the earth as a resource for corporate and human convenience and profit.



We are motivated by the love of nature, as well as humans, engaging and encouraging the knowledge and education of ecological wisdom and practices that create unity and sustain diverse living systems that flourish and benefit all of life.


Our project engages in the creative and honourable exploration of protecting, preserving and maintaining earth land, native forest, soil, air and springs.

Orange and white Poppie flowers with a geodesic dome structure on the backgorund

A very special part of our project is the permaculture food forest where we plant an abundance of bee forage, bringing an integral living energy to the land.

Bees flying around plants and flowers
Yellow Sunflower with two bees collecting pollen and nectar
garden inside a geodesic dome made of jarra timber used as a greenhouse


We would like to contribute for the development of holistic practices of horticulture, using environmental ethics, bio dynamic organic concepts, deep ecological philosophy, spiritual permaculture and artistic creative design, for the ultimate purpose of creating abundance for humans, whilst protecting and restoring diversity for earth and all its living beings.

field of dandelion flowers with the sunset on the background

You donate to the Savayava Project when buying from our shop

We appreciate your support

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