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We make Warre Hives and all supporting equipment for natural beekeepers. Your support contributes to and benefits the well-being of bees in Australia.

Savayava is a permaculture food forest project, we aim to provide diverse forage for pollinators in the pristine mountain forest of Tasmania. We also want to bring forward to the future simple and effective knowledge of living off the Earth and in harmony with nature.



Hives and equipment for natural beekeeping

The Warre Hive - not just a beehive but a bee "home"
All our hive kits and equipment are handcrafted from Cypress timber - it will last you a life time!


We live in the wilderness of Tasmania, powered by 100% renewable energy from solar and hydro systems. We care and respect the wildlife around us. The main project is a food forest garden to provide forage for pollinators. We keep the surroundings of the property wild. Our neighbours are wedge-tailed eagles, tiger snakes, pademelons, wallabies, possums, sugar gliders (a type of flying squirrel), Tasmanian devils, kookaburras and many many others. Your support helps us keep our wild sanctuary protected. Thank you.

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